There are so many great things about vacationing. The main one being finding new places to eat with you dishes to try. Whether you travel for the food, the adventure, or both, here are a few destinations you should visit as soon as you can.

Hangzhou, China
A short distance from Shanghai, Hangzhou is the capital of the Zhejiang Province and currently has a population of two-and-a-half million people. Visitors often relay stories of how beautiful the scenery of Hangzhou is, from the tea leaves to the pagodas, it is simply amazing.

Visitors will also be able to tell you that there is an abundance of markets and restaurants available. Travellers will be able to sample fresh produce, seafood, and tasty snacks which include:

  • Wontons
  • Moon cakes
  • Dim sum
  • Crab steamed buns

Among the many restaurants include in Hangzhou, the most popular include West Lake and Kui Yuan Guan Lou Wai Lou. Must try dishes from these restaurants include:

  • Fried shrimps with longjing tea leaves
  • Beggar’s chicken
  • Fish-head platter
  • Noodles with fried eel slices

If you hurry and visit before autumn is over, you’ll be able to attend the annual Hangzhou Food Festival!

Melbourne, Australia
Unknown to many, Melbourne is the second largest city and one of the most diverse cities in Australia. The mixture of this city’s multicultural population (European, Asian, and Indian) lend to Melbourne having one of the most remarkable cuisines in the world.

Travellers can visit the city center and venture off to St. Kilda, Chinatown, and Fitzroy where they can try food and beverages from the many restaurants and bars. Among the restaurants travellers should try to visit include:

  • Kong
  • Cumulua
  • MoVida
  • 8 Bit
  • Jinda Thai
  • Boat Frankie
  • Raph Rashid

Houston, Texas
Yes, you read that right! Houston, Texas is one of the best cities for foodies! With a current population of over two million people, Houston is starting to make a name for itself as far as the food scene is concerned. There are over 1000 food trucks to be found and sampled from!

Popular restaurants, food trucks, and markets you should visit include:

  • Phoenicia and Revival
  • Little Bigs
  • Tacos Tierra Caliente

Try to get out and visit the city’s biggest weekly farmer’s market, the Urban Harvest.