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Top Places to go for a Winter Getaway

As the cold weather has finally start to set in I am sure you are asking yourself, how many days till I can sit on a beautiful beach and enjoy the warm weather? I know, I wonder the same thing. However, you can experience this beautiful weather even quicker by taking a trip to some […]

Top 10 Best All inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is such a unique and beautiful place to visit if you ever have the chance to do so. There is so much to do. From the gorgeous waves to the fine dining and even enjoying the exciting nightlife, Puerto Rico is the place to be. Often times, it can be difficult when planning […]

BAKING- The Almond Croissant

If you have ever been to France whether it was Paris or a weekend in the French Riviera, there is one thing you can’t forget. That is the croissants, particularly the “Croissants aux Amandes” or almond croissants. Paired perfectly with the French-pressed coffee, the croissants melt in your mouth with just the right amount of […]


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