Early Life

Ayla Choudhery was born in Syria, and now lives in the Washington D.C metro area. As a Boston University student Ayla is already forging a path in medicine and an entrepreneurial career in hotel and hospitality management. Ayla Choudhery’s goal is to use medicine and business to create sustainable environments and poverty alleviation programs for young adults and children in her local community in the Washington D.C metro area, Syria, Pakistan and around the world. Ayla hopes to use her background to also help people by providing social services and advocating for strong community enrichment and development.

Educational Career

Having travelled back and forth to Pakistan as a child of parents who work for the United Nations, Ayla also envisioned herself starting her own NGO or non-profit organization. Her visits to the Syria have only motivated her to improve on herself as a leader and to work hard in her educational pursuits. She sees her eventual work in medicine and entrepreneurship as a platform to provide philanthropic efforts and opportunities to children and young adults who are financially disadvantaged. Ayla is currently building her philanthropy experience by volunteering with various organizations in the Washington D.C area and seeking guidance and mentorship from her father who works as a physician. Double majoring in Biology and Business Management, Ayla hopes to combine both degrees to give herself a competitive advantage in both fields.

Extra Curricular Activities

Ayla Choudhery’s interests are not only limited to philanthropy, entrepreneurship and hospitality management. She also enjoys baking, cooking and traveling around the world with her family. Traveling has provided Ayla with a deeper insight and understanding of the world, how people think and how different cultures are. Ayla believes that her global experience will contribute to the development of a strong business acumen and an insight to what motivates people, all these being a key element of understanding consumers in business and medicine.